Look! I have a blog! How cool is that? I’m totally joining the club of cool blogger people. Okay, maybe not yet. But I thought that rather than leaving 800-word comments on people’s facebook statuses I’d move some of my thoughts to a single place where people can choose to read them, or not.

Me? I’m Gillian. I live in Ypsilanti, MI, work for a nonprofit that helps cities be better cities, and I also help run a summer camp in my spare time. I like politics and bicycles. I’m also interested in data and tech tools for nonprofits—I’m a Salesforce.com administrator, aspiring WordPress guru, communications and media junkie, design snob, Oxford comma user, and I’m also learning to code. I might write about all of these things, mostly this blog is meant to be the place I get to write without worrying too much about style guides or using too many swear words, and to try writing things are not press releases and copy for other people’s websites.

Incidentally, if you’re really interested in reading my press releases and copy for other people’s websites, you can check out my portfolio.