Teaching teens social media strategy

Today I’m working with a group of teens at the library who are starting a “Making and Marketing Music” project. Part of the goal is for them to learn how to use social media in a positive way (like publicizing their music and getting recognition as an artist) rather than some negative uses we’ve seen lately (like filming fights and posting them on You Tube).

To start the conversation, I stripped down my previous post about what to put in your social media plan to the most relevant section (#2: What do we want our social media presence to look like?) and tried to make it into a worksheet that the teens could use to create some new accounts to promote their music.

The worksheet:

Channel (twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, etc.):

Your name/handle on this channel:

Your URL:

What is your story?

  • If a music producer, an investor, or a reporter came to your social media page, what are 3 things you’d want them to know about you/your account?

Who is similar to you?

  • Name 3 social media accounts that you like that are in the same industry or group as you.
  • What do they do that you like?

Who do we want to be talking to?

  • List a couple of accounts of people who are in your target audience.
  • What do those people share? What kind of things are they interested in?

What do you want to talk about?

  • What original content (text, pictures, music, video) will you produce?
  • What kind of content do you want to share from other people?
  • Name 3 accounts that create content that you think your users would like and that applies to your story.