Trello for Baby

Trello for Baby

I wrote a while ago about why I love Trello, the super-simple cloud-based shared list tool. I discovered Trello while working on figuring out how to apply agile project management to our nonprofit organization, but have since discovered that it’s useful for *so* many other things.

Enter: babyplanning. Since becoming pregnant, I’ve been trying to resist the urge to write about mommy stuff on this blog (no one wants to read about 12 things that made me nauseous this week… like seeing the color green on a computer monitor. that one was not even fair.) but it turns out that there’s plenty that Trello is useful for. Especially when your partner happens to be a software engineer who also uses Trello to manage his personal to-do lists.

Above, I’ve organized my baby shopping list. We also used Trello to manage the baby naming process, keeping track of the brainstorm-list and short-lists for both boys and girls (sorry, not sharing that one.) The shopping list is great because rather than drowning in baby-related research, I can separate things I need to research from things that seem pretty straightforward, and assign some of that research to my husband, who is shared on the board. (I could not care less what kind of stroller we get. Thank god he is a gear head.) Best of all, this list took me about 20 minutes to create and allows me to see at a glance what we still need to think about buying. I’m less stressed out already.

Next up: teach grandma-to-be to use Trello so she stops asking me whether I have gotten X yet. Good thing it’s easy enough for even a baby to use.

Here’s a larger version of that pic in case you’re really interested in what’s on the lists >>