What does an Urbanist aunt make for a car-obsessed nephew?

What does an Urbanist aunt make for a car-obsessed nephew?

A densely-planned racetrack with a roundabout, of course! (we won’t tell him that maximum racing speed is 25 mph, ’cause it’s a school zone.)

Credit for this idea goes to Pinterest, clearly, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out. So, I might add, was my then-2-year-old nephew. His mom didn’t mind it either, since it’s fully machine washable, includes built-in “parking” for 6 cars and folds up into a small pouch that’s easy to bring along to the doctor’s office/grandma’s house/etc. for fully portable playtime.


Of course, I couldn’t help adding my urbanist influences to it. You’ll notice that the car selection includes a firetruck and a police car. We want to make sure our residents are taken care of with basic city services.



And of course the houses are located within easy walking distance of the school and playground.


You’re never too young to share the road! There are bike “sharrows” on each of the streets :)



And of course, even our parking area has multiple uses, and can be folded up into convenient storage at night!


The end.